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Keto Friendly Immune Boosting Crockpot Roast and Veggies

Monday is usually a pretty busy day around here. Besides homeschool, we also volunteer at a Pregnancy Center for a couple of hours in the afternoon. We love it but it leaves us exhausted and I don't feel like cooking. So...this is designated "Roast in the Crockpot" day in our house. I really don't like… Continue reading Keto Friendly Immune Boosting Crockpot Roast and Veggies

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Easy Keto Garlic Breadsticks/Pizza Crust

One of our biggest concerns with Keto was losing out on a flavorful pizza. Prior to this the Neurologist had us try Gluten-Free. It didn't go well 🤢 I stumbled upon a recipe for Garlic Breadsticks and tweaked it a little (nothing unusual for me). The WHOLE family loved these!! Ingredients: •1 1/2 cups shredded… Continue reading Easy Keto Garlic Breadsticks/Pizza Crust

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Keto(ned) Pumpkin Power Balls

These were originally called Energy Balls but my little one called them Powerballs and the name stuck 🤣 Eating good fats is an important component of any Ketogenic lifestyle especially for maintaining energy, working towards Keto adaption and getting your fats in for the day. Many people look at any food change, I really don't… Continue reading Keto(ned) Pumpkin Power Balls