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An Open Letter to the “Feminists” of Today

Can I just say a few things about this whole “my body my choice” regardless of my age female debate?

1.) It is YOUR body. But when you get pregnant? No matter what scientific or disgusting label you slap on it, fetus/blob of tissue/parasite, it’s a living organism from the species Homosapien. Bio 101. Class: Mammalia. Using the word parasite is an oxymoron. It’s not sucking anything from you at YOUR expense (which is the technical definition of a parasite). Biologically your body has stores for a baby. It was made for that. No different than, say, a dolphin which is also class mammalia.

2.) Just because it is YOUR body doesn’t negate IT’S existence. Scientifically. Science is NOT advanced enough YET to know without a doubt when all functions happen. Science is never settled. The older the earth gets, the more we learn. Sorry flat earthers lol. Just because it cannot speak for itself doesn’t mean it doesn’t get any right to life. If YOU were in a car wreck and became comatose, do we not run SEVERAL tests looking for signs of life? Does it not take more than one medical professional to declare you “brain dead?” Does that mean you don’t get to live just because you can’t speak for yourself? Hypothetically can’t feel pain? (Guess what? We don’t know that answer beyond a shadow of a doubt either)

3.) Rape accounts for less than 1% of all abortions so that’s not a good argument to make. Furthermore two wrongs don’t make a right. Give that baby to someone who will love on it AND you.

4.) If you want YOUR kid to make “big girl” decisions at 12 or 13—like IUD’s (invasive medical procedure) or abortions (invasive medical procedure) without parental consent—then you need to make MORE decisions about “your” body. ALL Surgeries. Vaccinations. Prescriptions. Smoking. Drinking. Voting (to get the most “my body” friendly candidates of course). It is HER body right?

5.) Why is it that the only decisions about “MY body” you want control over have to do with sex? Have we become so obsessed with sex that it is all we can think about? All we care about? All that feminists are known for?

To today’s so-called “feminists”, I am ASHAMED of you. Feminism encompasses MORE than free birth control and abortions. YOU have gotten feminism mixed up with the Sexual Revolution of the 60’s. A 20th Century History class would do you MUCH good. Perhaps reading the book Subverted, if you don’t have time or like History, would be a good springboard.

STOP embarrassing women who have busted their butts, died, got abused, maced, tased and jailed for voting rights, equal pay and integration by calling yourself a feminist. Find a new label. If genders and pronouns can continue to evolve, I’m sure Urban Dictionary or a Thesaurus can help you out.


  • An angry 90’s chick who remembers what REAL feminism is 😘
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