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Creating the Vision

Yesterday I was listening to a new to me podcast. This Zigler Show episode was on tracking your daily activities to increase results, which featured Zig’s son Tom. It was like a lightening bolt moment.

I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts, TED talks and YouTube videos over the year but very few stuck with me long without taking elaborate notes or resonated in me the way this particular one did.

As a box checker, everything in me loved this idea. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or business person to use this system. Whilst I am, I have also adapted it to other areas of my life such as virtue practice, our homeschool and even my home life. I even want to adapt it for my Catholic faith inner work.

This allows you to begin and end each day with a goal, or vision, in mind. This isn’t a system to see how many things you did NOT get done that day, but a way to celebrate what you did.

Rather than creating a checklist, I merely write down what I DID get accomplished that day. Even if you do have a written checklist you want to “chart” what was done on this separate are. Just draw a line through it on the other list.

Because I had an extra bullet journal laying around, I decided to use it:

Now at the beginning of each day I’m reminded of what my overall focus is, and at the end of the day? The ability to review and tweak it for the next. No focus on failures or what I didn’t do, rather a feeling of accomplishment for what I did!

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