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Dear 2018:

Dear 2018,

You brought some amazing changes into my life and I will never forget you. I found my voice, began working on myself, went WAY deeper in my relationship with Jesus than I ever thought possible…and His Church, met some AMAZING friends who share the same mission in life as me, found the path to healing old wounds and destructive thought patterns, found a new tribe who gets me, removed the negative folks, made the best friend I’ve ever had in my life (Samantha), lost 20 lbs, gained BETTER health (my bloodwork was BEAUTIFUL), started a new career in my calling and fell deeper in love with my husband.

December you tried to wreck me. The last two weeks I cheated. This weekend I left my secret at home and shared what little I brought with me. The results? It’s been a somber weekend, I’ve been snappy again and not sleeping well…my skin is rebelling. My gut currently hates me and I look 9 months pregnant, AND inflammation crept back in.

These photos are only two weeks apart 😢 that’s how naughty I have been!

BUT GUESS WHAT?! Tomorrow is a NEW day! A NEW year! I GET to start over and I have learned my lesson! I’m heading home and getting BACK on track!!

My TWO words for 2019: Brave & Gratitude.



Did you fall of the wagon too?! Let me introduce you to my little secret!

👉🏼more energy (no jitters)

👉🏼better sleep

👉🏼better moods

👉🏼fat burning miracle

👉🏼20 lbs. down and counting

👉🏼no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors!

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