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Don’t Make Keto so Hard

Many times we overcomplicate things which tends to make “diets” and lifestyle changes harder. This eventually leads to failure and giving up. Keto is no different and perhaps may have the highest rate of failure.

How do I Keto this recipe? How do I measure that ratio? What can I use?

While there are a multitude of variations within this lifestyle, let’s start with the basics. High (healthy) fat, low carbohydrate intake and some protein.

Where do we get healthy fats? From sources like avocado, olive oil, grass-fed butter, cream….those are just a few. Not a pound of bacon every morning–this, along with protein intake, differentiates Keto from Atkins. This also prevents cholesterol from creeping up too high or other heart issues.

Step 1: Pick a protein for your main dish. Beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, and fish lend well here.

Step 2: Pick a Keto friendly veggie or two for a side dish: most leafy greens fit here, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Step 3: Make a yummy sauce, rub, or dressing with a homemade sauce, condiment or spice. Mustard has zero carbs. Primal Mayo is one of my favorites that also brings in healthy fats. Create a sauce or just use them as a base for a sauce. Same with spice mix.

There you go! Super easy Keto meal!!

1 thought on “Don’t Make Keto so Hard”

  1. I was on KETO for a long time, and it led to high cholesterol and kidney stones. You’re right, people take KETO literally and it can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Low fat meats are the best, beef occasionally at best, bacon occasionally too. I now stick with low fat meats and vegetables, no starchy carbs or sugar. KETO can be done right or very wrong…good information.

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