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Keto(ned) Hot Chocolate

It’s that time of year again. The days get shorter and the weather gets cooler. One of our favorite traditions as the temperature drops is drinking hot chocolate. Especially while roaming the area looking at Christmas lights.

Ever since we began our Keto journey we have had a little bit of a hard time finding a good hot chocolate recipe with the unsweetened Cacao. It takes quite a bit to sweeten that up to cut the bitter (or so my kids say).

I accidentally stumbled upon this recipe. We’ve tried it in both regular milk and almond milk with no luck. Water made it straight salty.

One of my sons and I have begun a nightly tradition of drinking decaf coffee with some yummy Kreme in it. The Kreme has a patented 4Plex collagen matrix. He needs to put on weight and keep his bones and joints strong as he discovers where he should play college basketball. I need it for joints, bone, and skin/hair health.

Normally we just brew the coffee and drop in some Kreme. We also like to add in some homemade whipped cream with Swerve for even more beneficial fat.

I hadn’t drank my exogenous ketones that day so I thought I would put a pack of Swiss Cacao in my coffee. It smells JUST like hot chocolate. I assumed it would be more like a Mocha Latte. I was extremely surprise to find out it tasted like an amazing salted chocolate hot chocolate!! It’s now my favorite night time treat!!


Want to try a 5 day supply of this yummy treat yourself?! Contact me here.

Want to know more about ketones and Ketosis? Check out some great info here.

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