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Keto(ned) Pumpkin Spice Drop Cookies

Our family embarked on a healing journey about a month ago. Tired of being tired, brain fog, clothes getting tight and zero motivation, we decided to trust our body’s own capacity to heal itself by optimizing the fuel we feed it. Food really IS medicine. The body really DOES know what to do.

I stumbled upon this quote while reading Ketone Clarity and it suddenly made sense! All of the issues I had been experiencing. All of the specialists; the poly pharmacy; the shuffling around. I was really on a collision course AGAIN 20 years later except it wasn’t alcohol this time.

I absolutely love to bake and my girls do too. We also love our sweets but going Ketogenic, we weren’t finding very many palatable or easy to make. Enter Pinterest and some awesome new friends! We jumped into the Pumpkin theme tonight and made two different recipes. I’m sharing one of them here today.

We followed this recipe but tweaked it a little. We used Swerve granular sugar in the mix and Swerve Confectioner sugar for the “snow.” We added crushed walnuts which not only made for a great texture, but also a yummier flavor!

What are you cooking up this week?

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