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Instant Pot Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl Dupe

1 lb. Chicken tenderloins (fresh or frozen)1 tsp. Dried Cilantro (or one bunch fresh)1 lime1 package Taco Bell mild taco seasoning2 cups Jasmine rice3 cups water1 tsp. EVOO (olive oil)(Toppings of choice. We used corn, black beans, spinach, salsa, cheese and sour cream) Place EVOO then chicken in Instant Pot. Turn on sauté and cook… Continue reading Instant Pot Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl Dupe

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An Open Letter to the “Feminists” of Today

Can I just say a few things about this whole “my body my choice” regardless of my age female debate? 1.) It is YOUR body. But when you get pregnant? No matter what scientific or disgusting label you slap on it, fetus/blob of tissue/parasite, it’s a living organism from the species Homosapien. Bio 101. Class:… Continue reading An Open Letter to the “Feminists” of Today

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Overnight Skin Treatment for Mature Skin

Did you know that one of the best times to treat + heal your skin is while you sleep? Sleep is the way your body heals itself--including your skin! Blood flow increases, collagen is repaired which in turn helps heal damage caused by environmental stressors including UV ray damage. Sleep can dehydrate skin. An overnight… Continue reading Overnight Skin Treatment for Mature Skin


Peppermint Cheesecake Bites: (Keto/Low Carb friendly)

Keto Peppermint Cheesecake Bites TASTES LIKE ICE CREAM!! Ingredients: 1½ cups butter, softened 20 oz cream cheese, softened 1 cup Swerve 2½ teaspoons peppermint extract, or to taste 1 candy cane (optional) red food coloring (optional-we use the naturally colored ones available at health food stores vs artificial dyes) Instructions Mix all ingredients together in… Continue reading Peppermint Cheesecake Bites: (Keto/Low Carb friendly)